The following confirmation and clarification of building construction in UB are as follows:
1. We thank you for the participation of the community in monitoring the implementation of the performance of our institutions, especially related to procurement processes in UB. Nevertheless, it is worth to note the role of the community is done properly in accordance with the rules and governance of the prevailing administration
2. Budget data:
a. Building Construction Faculty of Agricultural Technology (Phase III)
Capping value = Rp. 8.698752 billion, -
Contract Value = Rp. 7.305855 billion, – -
State Financial Efficient value = Rp. 1.392897 billion, -
b. Senate Building 3 Floors (Phase I)
Capping value = Rp. 5.6 billion, -
Contract Value = Rp. 4.204272 billion, – -
State Financial Efficient value = Rp. 1.395728 billion, -
c. Mosque construction Raden Patah 3 floors (Phase I)
Capping value = Rp. 10,000,000,000, -
Contract Value = Rp. 8.278 billion, – -
State Financial Efficient value = Rp. 1.722 billion, -
d. The construction of a teaching hospital UB (Phase II)
Capping value = Rp. 92.8 billion, -
Contract Value = Rp. 92.4 billion, – -
State Financial Efficient value = Rp. 400,000,000, -
The total value of the efficiency of the financial state of the four processes of development in UB is Rp. 4.910625 billion, -. Status efficiency funds are launched back next year with the designation adapted to the planning that had been developed (source of funds PNBP) and deposited back into the State Treasury Office (APBN).
3. The use of the available funds with the funds realized according to the contract with the Service Provider (Partner award), there is a difference in the use of funds does not mean going on a mark-up. In the process of the procurement of the UB actually have to implement real legislation applicable, through the use of available funds efficiently so as to provide state financial savings.
4. Overall implementation of procurement at UB are routinely inspected by External Audit (IG Kemdiknas, BPK and BPKP), and our agency is always cooperative in providing data to the auditors. Party UB’s commitment to ensuring transparency and accountability to support the implementation of Law No. 28 of 1999 concerning the Government were clean and free of corruption.
5. The construction of buildings in UB has been implemented in accordance with plans made. Completion of development have not reached 100%, due to the construction carried out in stages in accordance with the available budget allocations in the implementation of development.
Similarly clarification from UB that can be delivered, and to be used accordingly. Thank you.
an Rector
Acting manager for Information and Documentation UB
Dr. Tjahjanulin Domai, MS.