PIDK had some significant achievements, which are as follows:
•    One of the achievements of UB PIDK among others, is to be born and implementation of e-complaint system. E-complaint system was initiated by Team UB PJM and PIDK to facilitate access to complaints and advice service users UB. This online-based complaint system is the first time in higher education institutions in Indonesia. E-complaint system can be accessed through the address
•    As a work unit to prepare documents for the Public Service Award UB to obtain the Minister of National Education (UB succeeded in carrying out public services in education based on assessment results in 2011 with predikit “Good”.)
Public Relations Section UB also has a winner achievements in various competitions, such as:
•    Runner 3 katogori Public Relations Media Award Competition Website of Bakohumas 2013
•    2 Competition Award runner Media Relations category of the Annual Report 2013 Bakohumas
•    1st Place Award Competition Media Relations category of the Annual Report Bakohumas 2012
•    ISO 9001: 2008 LRQA With Registry No. 6,007,684 Year 2010
•    2nd Place Award Media Relations Website Category State of Bakohumas 2010
•    3rd Place Award Media Relations Category Leaflet State of Bakohumas 2007
•    3rd Place Award Media Relations category Profile Audio Visual State Institute of Bakohumas 2007
•    Website Category 1 PTN expectations of Bakohumas 2007
•    2nd Category Website Non SOE from Bakohumas 2006
•    Website Category 3 champion University of PERHUMAS 2008