UB’s challenge in the face of a disclosure with the enactment of Law No. 14 of 2008 on Public Information then demanded UB must be transparent and accountable.
UB as a public agency would have the information needed by the public. Various implementation tasks UB is closely related to people’s lives, especially in the field of Higher Education ministry, so that information on the results of implementation, management and execution of tasks in the field of higher education is needed by the public. Therefore, one of the strategic steps that have been undertaken by UB is the establishment of the Pusat Informasi, Dokumentasi, dan Keluhan (PIDK-UB).
As for the PR that is under PIDK established in 1968 has the main task is to create a harmonious atmosphere in the internal and external environment to realize public understanding, public trust, support (support) the public, and cooperation / participation of the public, so that UB is able to carry out its mission to achieve the aspired goals.
Their demands for reform and change in the paradigm of society on policies, education policies in this regard, making the role of PR is very important and strategic. The image of the institution is determined by the function of public relations in their duties.