1. Help universities carry out activities of collecting, processing, and documentation of data, information, and complaints.
2. Can cooperate with the unit and other institutions within and outside the university, for the advancement of UB.

Information Management Unit, Documentation, and the complaint has the following tasks:
1. Fostering a harmonious relationship with the public (internal and external)
2. Participate actively in building a positive image of the institution
3. Identifying and analyzing opinions or existing problems within the institution as well as those developed in the community
4. Control and build a positive opinion about the institution
5. Managing and disseminating information to the public (internal and external) well
6. Build institutions that are responsive to community dynamics associated with the tri dharma college (education, research and community service)
7. Managing incoming information and documents.
8. Determine and organize information
9. Managing user complaints services.
10. Forward the complaint to the unit responsible.
11. Answering complaints based on the input of the unit responsible.
12. Preparing activity plans and compiling reports RAKERPIM implementation.
13. Preparing plans Rector Book Report Work Program, Speech Scientific and books related in order Anniversary.