Vision PIDK as a unit under the Rector of the development of information services and complaints of “Being accurate data base of information technology-based, to support the development of UB in order to the world class entrepreneurial university”.

The PIDK mission is to assist the rector for:
1.    Provide information services effectively and efficiently,
2.    Implementing information systems refers to the strategic plan and work program UB Rector;
3.    Develop an integrated information management system;
4.    Provide information services that can be accessed by all parties, both at the university level, regionally, and internationally;
5.    Enhance the professionalism in the preparation of the communication strategy and information services to the public;
6.    Develop a dynamic and harmonious relationship with academicians, institutions departments / non-departmental, community groups, organizations and media professional associations;
7.    Improving the quality of public information services through the availability and ease of access to information in a fair, equitable, and accountable, and;
8.    Creating a harmonious working partnership and integral in each work unit in UB.

Motto PIDK follow the motto of UB, the UB join be the best.

Services Decree:
In accordance with the UB decree of services, namely:
“Providing the best service in order to realize the satisfaction of service users.”