PIDK do the Management Review Meeting at least 1 (one) times a year, to discuss the results of internal and external audits, complaints PIDK service users, organizations PIDK, achievement PIDK work program, and follow-up of previous management reviews.
Management Review Summary PIDK UB in 2013
From the results of AIM UKPPA Cycle 5 and Cycle 6, PIDK considered to be consistent in carrying out the work program. Findings that there are suggestions for improvement (observation), while the mismatch (KTS) to the system has been followed up (closed). Some of the findings that have been followed up, among others:
•    Abbreviations PIDK follow up on that yet according to SK Rector. This finding has been improved with the most recent release of Rector Decree number 478 / SK / 2012.
•    A follow-up or improvement of the indicators in the quality objectives in the Quality Manual PIDK document so that it can be specific and measurable.
•    Repairs and improvements to the complaints system UB) e-complaint which aims to support UB reporting complaints in more detail.
•    Improvements in bi dang complement the content or web content already implemented.
From the results of surveillance visit ISO 9001: 2008 On April 26, 2013, to PIDK obtained some findings discrepancy (KTS / NC), and the assessor LRQA also provides advice (observation), namely:
•    Organizational Structure PIDK there, but there are some positions that no one who shook it.
•    The quality objectives need to be corrected because the specific indicators of the quality objectives have not been and can not be measured.
•    The need for development or improvement in e-complaint system to mendukun UB UB reporting complaints in detail and can measure the response time of the unit complained.
Advice from the LRQA assessors have been discussed at regular meetings PIDK and already we follow up on them in coordination with PR II on issues PIDK organizational structure that is not yet complete, quality objectives have been fixed in accordance suggestions, and improvement of e-complaint system UB. In addition to planned activities PIDK discussed in regular meetings, PIDK also discussed the findings of the Internal and External audit covered one â € “one and repairs. And the next meeting will be in check such improvements.
Feedback customer / stakeholder satisfaction PIDK includes evaluation and complaint handling service users PIDK. PIDK in each year (end of year) from 2012 to survey satisfaction index of service users are guided PIDK of PAN-RB Ministerial Decree number 25 in 2004. The survey is targeting PIDK guests from other institutions and UB academic community. HPI value for PIDK is 86.00 (rated A or unbelievably good), with an average value per service element is still below the standard value of 3.17 or Good. This indicates that the services in PIDK it is still needs to be improved satisfaction scores continue despite already be positioned Very Good.