Higher education quality assurance is a process of setting and meeting standards of quality, as a consistent and continuous process intended  to obtain customer satisfaction and produce a sustained development in college. In order for the improvement and the development can be carried out quickly and continuously as well as customer satisfaction is always being met, the complaints submitted by customers is a very valuable input and must be acted upon. Customer complaints is also one of the instruments to conduct an evaluation and early detection of system vulnerabilities or aberrations implementation of the quality manual. It is also very necessary to achieve the standards the World Class University.

Hence we were hoping Mr / Mrs / Mr. who were not satisfied with the services provided by the work unit of UB, both academic and non-academic, file a complaint through navigation of this complaint. Customers who may file a complaint is any person who receives or associated with the services provided by UB, including, among others; Students, Faculty, Employees, Parents of Students, as well as other parties associated to the services provided by UB.

The scope of the complaint include all kinds of services provided by work unit at UB, ie:

  1.      Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, and Strategies Achievement
  2.      Procedure of the Civil Service, Leadership, Management System and QA
  3.      Students and Graduates (including scholarships and alumni)
  4.      Human Resources (including Service Officers, staff, faculty, and UB academic community)
  5.      Curriculum, Learning and Academic Atmosphere
  6.      Financing, Infrastructures, Information Systems
  7.      Research, community services, cooperation
  8.      Information Technology Services