e-complaint Users Manual and Guide

1. Complaint Form

To file your complaint, open e-complaint.ub.ac.id.  You can then click Borang Keluhan menu at the top (figure 1.1) and choose whether you’re member of the General Public (choose Borang Umum) or if you’re a member of UB academic community (choose Borang Civitas UB). You can also access this options on the lower right menu (figure 1.2).

Manual e-complaint 1
Figure 1.1 Complaint form on the top menu

Manual e-complaint 2
Figure 1.2 Complaint form on the lower right menu

2. Complaint as a member of UB academic community

If you wish to file complaint as a member of the UB academic community, choose Borang Civitas UB/ Civitas Akademika. And then fill the following username and password as your UB BAIS account, and click Login button (figure 2.1).

Manual e-complaint 3
Figure 2.1 Login form to file your complaint as a member of UB academic community

You will be greeted with a complaint form, for which you can file your complaint. The date and time of the complaint will be automatically set, while the other data must be typed manually. Please input your personal data, such as occupation, work unit, e-mail, phone number, etc. Afterwards you may pick your complaint area, complaint subject, and the unit which you want to file a complaint. Also, last but not least, fill your improvement ideas on the correct field. If you’re done, you must fill the captcha code and click Send (figure 2.2). If your complaint is successfully filed, you will get your complaint status and your ticket code (for example 129/08/07062012), this ticket code will also be sent to your email (on the example, to  gungwe[at]ub.ac.id) (figure 2.3).

Manual e-complaint 4
Figure 2.2 Complaint form for the members of the UB academic community

Manual e-complaint 5
Figure 2.3 Complaint status and ticket code

3. Complaint as a member of the general public

To file a complaint as a member of a general public, choose  Borang Umum (figure 3.1).

Manual e-complaint 6
Figure 3.1 Complaint form for general public

For general public, the complaint form is nearly identical with the form for the UB academic community  (figure 3.2). Fill up all fields and click send. Don’t forget to note your complaint status, as in the email address you’ve used, and the ticket code. This ticket code is useful to check your complaint status, whether it’s not yet checked/on process/answered.

The only differences is you did not need to login into UB BAIS, you’ve only need to input your email address on the corresponding field.

Manual e-complaint 7
Figure 3.2 Complaint form for the general public

4. Complaint status check

To check your complaint status, use your email address and your ticket code on the Tracking Pengaduan form, and click Periksa (figure 4.1).

Manual e-complaint 8
Gambar 4.1 Checking complaint status

You will be presented with your complaint details and status. (figure 4.2).

Manual e-complaint 9
Gambar 4.2 Complaint status

5. Statistics

On the statistics menu, you can see the percentage of the complaints on a certain area. (figure 5.1).

Manual e-complaint 10
Figure 5.1 Complaint statistics